Online lessons in your home, office or anywhere! *

Increasingly more people work from home nowadays, and cutting-edge technology offers a near perfect replication of an in-person meeting. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone with software, such as Skype, Zoom or Teams, installed.

* Provided you have an internet connection or telephone!


What are the main advantages of online lessons?


Learn what you need and at your own pace

Often, when you learn in a group or at some language schools, you will be required to buy books or use their specially prepared program. With me you can choose your material and only move on to the next point, when you fully understand what you have learnt


Learn at the times of your choice

Are you a night owl or an early riser? Would you prefer a lesson during your lunch break? Choose a learning time to fit in with your plans. 


Learn in the comfort of your own home

Being in familiar surroundings will help you to feel more relaxed. You will have your learning material at hand and will never forget something at home!


You will spend less money

Not only will you save money on travelling, parking etc. online lessons are typically cheaper than private lessons at language institutes.


You will save on travel time

On top of the financial saving, you will save hours every year not having to travel from your home to a language school. You won’t even have the annoying search for a parking place!


When you have questions? I can answer them!


  • is online learning suitable for?
    This is suitable for anyone, regardless of level, who wants to improve their English. People who have time constraints or would like the convenience of having a lesson from the comfort of their own home, office or hotel, when they want, will benefit.


  • should I learn online?
    The key word here is flexibility. Learn when you want and at your own speed. Create your own bespoke lessons, tailored to your current ability. Less expensive and no travel needed. Convenience is the key.


  • equipment will I need?
    You will need a computer, tablet or telephone with an internet connection. The devices will need software, such as Skype, Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, FaceTime etc. installed on them.
  • courses do you offer?
    There is no limit to what can be done during the online lesson, from simply talking to exam practice.


  • long are the lessons?
    The length of each lesson is 25 minutes. Typically, people book a double lesson.
  • much does a lesson cost?
    See the pricing structure below.
  • do I pay?
    Lessons can be paid (in advance of the lessons) by either bank transfer or PayPal.


Popular Courses

Conversation English

For many people, practising speaking is one of the most important parts of learning English. Using the chat function, I can send messages to either correct or help the conversation flow. 

English For Specific Purposes

It’s quite probable that you need English for your job. I have a lot of experience of different sectors of business and should be able to find learning material for your specifications. 

Business English For Your Job

Do you need to write a lot of emails or offers, or speak to people on the phone?  Do you sell products or services and need to negotiate beforehand? We can help you to learn and practise the phrases you need. 

Preparation for English Exams

Even if you don’t need an examination for your work or studies, many people choose to do a certified exam, in order to ascertain their level and reach a milestone in their learning journey. 



Here are just few comments of the many satisfied clients I have had in over 25 years of teaching.
(If viewing on a mobile screen, please turn your phone to landscape  so that you read all the text!)


English for business trips.

I often go on business trips. The possibility to take online lessons there and to discuss special questions or topics has helped me a lot in meetings and in contact with clients.
Sabine Rasche (2017)

Ich kann meinen Unterricht überall haben.

No matter where I am, whether at home or on a business trip, I can have lessons anywhere.
Marcus Pohl (2019)


It's so uncomplicated and saves a lot of time. A great alternative to traditional teaching.
Artur Alenin (2020)

Online teaching works!

I had some concerns about online teaching at first. In the meantime, I am a real fan.
Beate Diedrich (2018)

Bespoke lessons.

I have already had many lessons in various language schools. Nowhere else have I had such individual and targeted lessons as with Steve.
Gerhard Frenzel (2020)

Fun to speak!

The lessons with Steve are really fun. He allows me to speak, which is what I need to improve my English.
Julia Dasch-Pechmann (2016)



I have kept the pricing structure very simple.

One lesson of 25 minutes costs € 20

Ten lessons of 25 minutes cost € 180 (1 lesson free!)

Thirty lessons of 25 minutes cost € 520 (4 lessons free!)

All prices exclude the statutory VAT.
You will receive an invoice for the booked lessons.

One test lesson of 15 minutes costs € 10. This amount will be refunded, when a total of 10 lessons have been booked.



If you have any questions or would like a non-binding offer, please use the contact form below. I am looking forward to hearing from you! The transmitted data will not be passed on to third parties and will not be used for advertising purposes!